Red Rhino Charcoal

 Are you looking for high quality charcoal?

I have the best answer for you, May I introduce “Red Rhino Charcoal”  that The best-selling product in NEFECO Company Limited. 

Our briquettes charcoal made of high quality coconut shell (which we manufacture ourselves)
Red Rhino Charcoal burns at 7,052 Kcal/kg. 


Why should you try Red Rhino Charcoal?

● Made of 100% natural (coconut shell)
 ● Red Rhino Charcoal burns longer than ordinary charcoal.
 ● No smoke, odorless, no spark, non-toxic.
 ● The heat is uniform throughout its burning time.
● No chemicals or additives used. Therefore it is perfectly safe for BBQ.


Product Details


In addition, the Red Rhino charcoal boxes are easy to handle. The five kilograms box is supplied with a convenient carrying strap;
and due to the compact nature free up over 50% of your storage space, as compared to the space required with traditional bag packaging.


Analysis Report

The analysis results were found by our laboratory as following :

Bulk Density (Standard ASTM D6347M) =  609.340  kg/m3

This report represented our finding basing upon the sample as described above only and not represented any shipment.

 Example Use:


                                                                                How to get a sample?
                                                                                = Provide your address details and phone number by e-mail or phone, also the information of charcoal for example size, shape,.. after that we will sent our product 
                                                                                    to your address.
                                                                                    ** Sample product is FREE but you have to pay for shipping cost of sample**

                                                                                Can you provide OEM service?
                                                                                = Yes, Of course.

                                                                               Can you print our designed logo/artwork?
                                                                               = Yes, we work on OEM orders. The customer can request about size, material, quantity, packaging, etc. and also your logo will be customized on our products.

                                                                               How to store Charcoal?
                                                                               = Store it at the room temperature, keep away from heat and moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.



                                                                               Dear all customer,

                                                                               We kindly offer about:
                                                                               • Charcoal products as required.
                                                                               • Min Order Quantity.
                                                                               • Packaging as required
                                                                               • OEM Service.
                                                                               • Payment Term and Shipping Term.

                                                                               You're very welcome to visit our factory in Thailand.
                                                                               Your Sincerely,
                                                                               NEFECO.Co., Ltd.


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