COCORN Charcoal


                                                                         Top Characterisric :

                                                                         • Odorless and smokeless
                                                                         • Easy to be lit
                                                                         • Last long for 2 hours
                                                                         • Friendly to the environment

                                                                          Ingredients : 

                                                                         Contain only natural ingredients in suitable proportion : Coconut shells charcoal, Corncob charcoal and tapioca starch. Not use chemical compound,
                                                                         no toxicity to human, pets and evironment.

                                                                          Example use : 

                                                                          Grill, Barbecue, camping, for using in home, heater



Analysis Report

The analysis results were found by SGS (Thailand) Limited as followings: 

Bulk Density (Standard ASTM D6347M) = 609.340 kg/m3
This report represented our findings basing upon the sample as described above only and not represented any shipment.

Example Use
Grill, Barbecue, camping, for using in home, heater


                                                                 How to get a sample?
                                                                   = Provide your address details and phone number by e-mail or phone, also the information of charcoal for example size, shape,.. after that we will sent our product 
                                                                      to your address.
                                                                      ** Sample product is FREE but you have to pay for shipping cost of sample**

                                                                  Can you provide OEM service?
                                                                   = Yes, Of course.

                                                                  Can you print our designed logo / artwork?
                                                                   = Yes, we work on OEM orders. Customer can requests about size, material, quantity, packaging, etc. and also your logo will be customized on our products.

                                                                  How to store Charcoal?
                                                                   = Store it at the room temperature, keep away from heat and moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.



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