• COCORN Charcoal is high quality charcoal made of by products from agriculture, such as coconut shells and corncobs, recycled as an energy source. NEFECO Co,.Ltd. has researched and developed these materials transformed them into high quality charcoal that can produce sustained heat, suitable for various types of cooking and heating. We named it “COCORN Charcoal”

  • Are you looking for high quality charcoal?
    I have the best answer for you, May I introduce “Red Rhino Charcoal” that The best-selling product in NEFECO Company Limited.
    Our briquettes charcoal made of high quality coconut shell (which we manufacture ourselves) Red Rhino Charcoal burns at 7,052 Kcal/kg.

  • Using only pure high-end coconut shell in cube shape charcoal is rare to find in general wide shisha/hookah!! Including perform with care and controllable in each process of build-up will making different feeling of flame charcoal. You will not disappoint in taking a chance with our cube shisha charcoal.

  • Brilliant combination design of coconut shell charcoal for a new indulge!! in shisha/hookah smoking.
    The design can be found as ring, this making driving through more oxygen in better heating.
    Flash ignition included steadily and regularly heat the charcoal with new experience of smoking.

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